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Movies Do you prefer watching movies in theatres or at home?

I only watch movie premieres at cinemas. That's to say the movie is very new and I am thrilled with the snippets, I would pay to watch it at a cinema. But if it is an old movie that is up to one month old since premiere, I am so watching it at home with pop corn and coke.
I don't think it's very cool to watch new movies in cinemas because there are always a lot of people and it's always very noisy. I would rather watch the new movie at home, and then when the hype is less, watch it again in the cinema
I don't think it's very cool to watch new movies in cinemas because there are always a lot of people and it's always very noisy. I would rather watch the new movie at home, and then when the hype is less, watch it again in the cinema
How do you even watch a movie twice? That's so boring. You could go see a new movie at the cinemas during off peak periods between the early morning to mid evening. Anything beyond that, you would always see a crowd. By the way, new movie are not always available for commercial sales during premiere period. That means you have to wait till later to watch it after the hype.
I don't like being around people at the best of times. At home I am the king of my castle and am relaxed and can pause and restart the movie whenever I want. It's a lot cheaper too.
Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, one of my favorite pastimes was to visit the movie theater. It provided me with a much-needed escape from the stresses of daily life. However, since the pandemic hit, my perspective on spending and saving has changed. I have come to appreciate the importance of having a financial cushion in uncertain times. As a result, I have made the conscious decision to redirect the funds I would have spent on movie tickets towards my savings and investments. Therefore, I have opted to watch movies from the comfort of my home, as it is a more cost-effective and practical option for me.
I like to watch movies in cinema because I find it interesting when there are many people around and I even want to talk to someone about the film. And you can also buy popcorn and watch in good quality and on comfortable chairs
For sure l like watching the movies in the theatres. l really like the excitement on the watching of the movies with crowds. It's very fascinating for sure.
I mostly watch movies at home and it's just occasionally that I watch movies in a theatre
I prefer watching movies at home instead of going to the movie theater. It's cheaper by far and you don't have to worry about someone being on the phone or people talking during the movie.
At home, we are able to manage our movie time at home, not at cinema hall.
Most of the time, I like to watch my movies at home where I won't be getting any disturbances from anyone.

The reason is that I prefer my mental health and peace of mind instead of going where I will be disturbed by others.
If you want to get best movie experience, it is always theater. There is no better movie experience than watching in theatre, especially in iMax. At home you just watch movie, you don't get cinematic experience
I don't know why people like to watch movies in cinemas because for me home is the best place. No one interferes and I can do what I want
Although I like to watch movies in the theatre but it's so expensive and we cannot expect to go theatre all the time so I mostly watch movies at home.
I like to go to the cinema or theatre as the poster said, to watch movies. I like to go to the cinema with my hubby and I must say that it is a good experience when you go to the movie cinema with someone you care about to watch those movies.
I enjoy watching movies at home. I see going to the cinema to watch movies as waste of time and energy.

I have a big smart TV at home and watching the movies at home is more better for me.
There's nothing quite like the movie theater experience - the giant screen, surround sound, and shared energy of the audience. It's truly immersive. I do relish the comforts of watching at home as well. Lounging in my own cozy space, unlimited snacks, and the ability to pause for breaks.
I have a deep appreciation for the cinematic experience of watching movies in theaters. The immersive environment, larger-than-life screen, and enveloping sound create a level of engagement that is difficult to replicate at home. However, I also greatly value the comfort and convenience of watching films in the privacy of my own space. Ultimately, I find enjoyment in both settings, each offering a distinct and rewarding movie-watching experience.
It depends on who I am with. If I have a friend or some friends with me I might probably go out. But then if I'm alone I'll just stay home and watch movies. You have to agree with me that going to the theater together with some friends is the best.
at home. definitely nicer without all the crowds
That's true, I am not really much of a crowds person so watching at home is always the best. Not to mention the fact that I would be saving a lot more when I watch it at home compared to watching it out there.
Before pandemic, my husband and I were very frequent to movie theatres. We both are movie buffs and we watch few movies on the weekends. After pandemic, we prefer to watch movies at home on Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have enough good options available on these platforms and few others like YouTube. It's convenient and more cost effective. Moreover, we can leave it if we don't like it.
We go out to theatres only if it's cinematic and worth watching on a big screen.

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