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What type of transport have you not tried yet?


Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa
Feb 9, 2024
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I have already tried many types of transport, but there are still not less of them left. I think I need to try them all because I haven't been on a big cruise liner yet
Helicopters and camel riding, but I've done everything else including dog sledding.
Helicopters and camel riding, but I've done everything else including dog sledding.
I have seen dog sleds like this in movies a lot and would really like to try them. And did you ride in the snow or was the cart with wheels?
We rode in the snow and the sled was pulled by 7 Siberian huskies.
I have never tried the train before, I have tried a plane twice but never been in an helicopter. Transportation with animals is one thing I have never tried as well. Maybe one day I will be able to try it.
I have not been in airplane, helicopters, chopper, and anything that has to do with air travel I have not tried them before. I know this might sounds surprising to some people but not many of us have the opportunity and the financial means to try them out. However I do believe that one day I'll be able to do it.
One mode of transport I have yet to experience is traveling by helicopter. I've never had the opportunity to ride in a helicopter. The unique ability to take off and land vertically, hover in place, and maneuver nimbly seems incredibly cool.
I am yet to try traveling by helicopter as well. Anyways like you said it would be cool and maybe a bit scary, but awesome all mixed together. Maybe one of these days I we Definitely try it .
I have used multiple transport medium, bus, car, bikes, trains, horse, elephant, bullock cart, rikshaw, row boat, motor boar, you name it, however, I have never been on a ship. That's because I live in a landlocked country. Traveling in a cruise ship is in my bucket list.

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