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Movies Last movie you watched?

I watched Good Burger 2 on Friday with my Family.
It is such a good movie. Now I want to watch the first Good Burger again.
Dune was the last movie I watched. Generally speaking, I do not watch a lot of si-fi movies but I watched Dune because I had watched 1984 movie made by David Lynch and I had really liked the movie. The new Dune movie was also very good. I will be watching a couple of movies this weekend. I am thinking to binge watch
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What the last movie I watched? Mmh.. Yeah, I've remembered, it was Godzilla Minus One. I could not watch or stream it online as usual because that is how I love watching most of my movie. Since I couldn't do that, I had to go to the cinema house and watch the movie. It was a blockbuster movie of 2023.
I've always tried to watch only modern movies, but I've always avoided movies that were released before 2000. So this month I decided to watch only old movies and I was very impressed that they are so cool and also some cool pictures. And then I watched The Shawshank Redemption, which I really liked and I think it deserves to be in the history of the best films
Although I had a very busy day today with it being a weekend, I still managed to watch a movie. But it was with my mobile phone that I used to watch the movie. I have my Netflix app on my mobile phone too which was what I used to stream the movie. It was James Bond No Time to Die I watched.
I recently watched the new Mission impossible: dead reckoning movie. It was pretty good.
The last movie which I watched yesterday was The Lord of the Rings. I was at the mall and heard some people talking about the movie, it tippped my interest in watching the movies again. It was how I got home and began watching them again.

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